Monday, March 3, 2008

Another Aussie Whiner

Well i guess maybe the Aussies, should consider adopting whining and cribbing as their national sport. Considering the way they have been crying Mama for everything which we Indians do. Well it is nice to see the Indians, getting under their skin for a change. But even considering the general whining attitude of the Aussie media, this piece by a certain Rebecca Wilson, must take the cake, nee maybe the bakery.Here are some gems and pearls of wisdom. Honestly if these are the kind of retards the Aussie media passes off as columnists, well i can only wonder about their media.

Harbhajan Singh is an obnoxious little weed. He is a lot more too.This most arrogant of Indian cricketers has attracted trouble throughout his entire career. He provokes the opposition, niggles all day long and behaves like a spoilt brat when the authorities dare to put him under the microscope.He is part of a caste system in a country whose tiered society benefits only those at its pinnacle. The Indian spinner definitely does not sit at the bottom of such a system.

Granted that Bhajji is all that what Ms.Wilson says, but in what way is this connected to Indian caste system. I guess its become a fad in the West to pick the Indian caste system as a convenient stick to beat with. Well it would be nice if Ms. Wilson, remembers there is something called Wikipedia, where she can do her research, before going on a crusade against India. Harbhajan Singh, is a Sikh, that is he belongs to a religion, which was founded in protest against the caste system. But then i guess to self righteous retarded morons, who think that every turban wearer is a terrorist, such distinctions dont matter. And I wonder what Ms. Wilson would wanna say about her country's Whites Only Policy( way up till the 70's), treatment of Aborgines and the skin head gangs who go around terrorizing ethnic minorities. Or the fact that apart from Symonds, most of the Aussie cricket team is strictly Caucasian White. Matter of fact, its smaller cousin New Zealand has a much better record of promoting diversity and tolerance.Oh yeah there are some breast beating intellectuals, who love to link the caste system with Indian cricket, and conveniently give the example of Vinod Kambli. Well Kambli ruined his career with his reckless ways, and it had nothing to do with his caste. Also neither Dhoni nor Praveen Kumar come from that pinnacle of tiered society, that Ms. Wilson rails about so much.

Not once this summer have India ever accepted the blame for any of the bad blood, for the out-of-control sledging or the absolutely dreadful way the team have conducted themselves throughout this tour.

Wow i wonder in what world Ms. Wilson is living. She seriously expects us to believe that the Aussie cricketers are a bunch of Sunday school boys, who have never sledged nor created any bad blood, and whose conduct has always been impeccable, and the Indian cricketers are a bunch of jerks. Grow up lady, people certainly are not as dumb as you think.

Matthew Hayden should take great comfort from this week's events. If nothing else, he has proved himself to be a gutsy and honest bloke who has a neat turn of phrase without having to use the f-word.

Yeah point noted here, the Aussies can sledge, abuse, browbeat, indulge in racist taunts, behave like petulant school kids and act like boors, but hey they are honorable honest blokes. Wow seriously i wonder which decade this woman belongs to. I guess she would be right at home with the Ku Klux Klan or any Skin Head gang.

Cricket Australia are yet to realise that standing up to bullies is the only way to defeat them.

Yeah thanks Ms.Wilson, cause whether Cricket Australia has realized it or not, Team India has certainly realized it. I honestly want to use my choicest 4 letter words here, but the rules here dont allow me. But i guess the writer must have got what any self respecting Indian thinks of her.

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