Sunday, March 30, 2008

Whats in a Search?

The best fun part in having your own blog is that, at times your blog appears in totally weird search key words, nothing to do with the content. So here are some such searches which lead to my blog.

She Dominates Him-Dog- Sorry no kinky stuff on my blog at all. Yeah in the Korean movie "My Sassy Girl", she does dominate him, but not in the kinky way please.

picture of preeti ganguly and deven verma- Who on earth wants to see a picture of Preeti Ganguly and Deven Verma, of all the people together? I really would love to meet that person. The only time i recall they were in the same movie was "Khatta Meetha".

Sleepless Sameera Reddy- I can only conclude two things. Either Sameera Reddy must be a certified insomniac like me or else she must have taken my suggestion in my review on "Race" seriously, and auditioned for a Mallu soft porn movie called "Sleepless Nights".

what is denzel washington theoretical personality approach- Sorry no idea here at all.

Tom Hanks and Ramanujan-Ok i know that Hollywood is planning to come up with a movie on Ramanujan's biography "The Man Who Knew Infinity", but to the best of my knowledge i dont think Tom Hanks is involved in any way with that movie.

porn girl riding cyb- Another porn search leading to my blog. And all thanks to the following line in my post on Martin Scorcese. "His New York was that part which most of us just pass by and are thankful, that we dont belong there. It was a New York of Hells Kitchen, inner city areas, gangsters, pimps and ghettoes. It was a New York of brothels, low cost porn movie theaters, shady bars, drug addicts and prostitutes."

rana pratap,s rani- So after Jodha Akbar, is that the latest historical epic in making or some one else planning to direct it. I have no clue about Rana Pratap's Rani for sure, i only knew he was from "Mewar".

blog space tilu tells- The only Tilu in my blog is a character from Khatta Meetha.

"Aldous Huxley" "National Geographic" tibet- I only can relate to Aldous Huxley as the author of "Brave New World". Never knew of any expeditions of his to Tibet for sure.

my honeymoon experience in ooty- Sorry i prefer to keep my honeymoon details private. Yeah if you need more info on Ooty, u can check my post.

sikh wedding in amritsar- I had a post on Amritsar, dont recall any details on Sikh weddings for sure.

mamooty's daughter's wedding- Did Mamooty's daughter get married recently? Sorry but i have absolutely no interest in celebrity weddings.

madhubala wikipedia- Is this is a new version of Wikipedia? Or some kinda new indie movie? No clue again at all.

jallianwala biblical theori- Yeah i did post about Jallianwala Bagh, but Biblical theories?Unless you believe Jallianwala Bagh was some kind of a Biblical punishment meted out.

ooty prostitutes- The only details of Ooty i have given are very normal. I have no idea about Ooty prostitutes.

watch for free Saaya- I guess some one here was referring to the John Abraham movie. Unfortunately i had written about the Sunil Dutt-Sadhana starrer Mera Saaya.

Eagles Crack Kurseong- Where Eagles Dare in Kurseong? Or does Kurseong have any soccer team called Eagles? Or is it a new kinda bestseller? Answers please.

italian mafia say about cocaine wars in miami-Well the Italian mafia did deal with cocaine? But Miami? That city was a Cuban mafia stronghold. Scarface any one.

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