Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Rakhee Ka Insaaf-Big Boss circus

The decision of the Information and Broadcasting Ministry,  to re schedule the  Rakhee ka Insaaf and Big Bosss 4 shows to the 11 P.M. slot, instead of prime time 9 P.M, has predictably raised tempers amongst the media, and the "Free Speech Ayatollahs"  on  Twitter.  Given a choice, i would love to ban both the shows for their  sheer  stupidity and egregiousness, but  that is a topic of discussion for another days.

What is  amusing is the reaction of  self  styled  "Crusaders for Freedom of Speech",  railing on and on, about the decision, tweeting their usual quota of PJ's. Looking at the hysteria  generated by the "Freedom of Speech is in Danger"  junta, one would think we are just going into a dictatorship phase, where everything is forbidden.  It is another thing, that  we can't  even  make proper use of the freedom we have, but then, talk of responsibility, and  you are immediately branded a dictator,  a conservative, whatever, whatever.

Now to all those  "fuming and frothing"  against the decision, relax, the Government has not banned those shows, they still run on  Television, at 11 P.M.  What the Govt in effect has done, is  the equivalent of grading movies  for  various age groups.  Of course the "Free Speech Ayatollahs"  has another argument again  for this,  it is the prerogative of  NDTV and Colors to do it. Right  Sherlock, only in this case,neither  NDTV nor  Colors,  has even bothered to ponder over the impact of their shows, too busy as they are with their TRP's. The fact is shows like Big Bosss and Rakhee Ka Insaaf  forget about being vulgar or offensive, just cater to the lowest common denominator.

These shows  are the equivalent of the  Roman Circuses of yore, where howling mobs, cheered at the sight of hapless slaves  being torn apart by lions. Well considering the way, Reality Television is going, i won't be surprised  if  we have  such a show too. In this case though the hapless participants( the slaves) are thrown into the  arena, and we have the vultures ready to tear them apart. Yeah i can hear the standard argument "But it is my right to see", oh yeah,  many consider it their divine right  to  kill babies in wombs if they happen to be female,  does not  make it  an acceptable  practice. If  we consider it the right to produce content  catering to the Lowest Common Denominator, then be prepared for the  backlash too.

To the media, you fucking have the free speech. But as they said with great power  comes great responsibility. You have not been exercising  that responsibility, so when the Govt  comes in to enforce it, DON"T FUCKING COMPLAIN, YOU ASKED FOR IT.

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